Perception over the lifestyle during pandemic: A case from Community Service Program

  • Sifak Indana
  • Aris Rudi Purnomo
  • Sari Kusuma Dewi
  • Meta Yantidewi
  • Nurul Hikmah
  • Sjafiatul Mardliyah
Keywords: Covid-19, immune system, food consumption


The pandemic Covid-19 has changed the way people live. One of which was implementing social and physical distancing which can reduce income and increase unemployment. As a consequence, some people may encounter difficulties for living that can lower immune system.  To dealt with such a situation, we implemented program to provide a package of nutritious food for orphans who are vulnerable to the problem. The package itself contained carbohydrate, protein, lipid, and vitamin. To observe the impact of the program, in terms of implementing a healthy lifestyle of food consumption, we used questionnaire containing 20 items.  The data were analyzed in descriptive manner. The analysis revealed that there is a significant change of the way the participants think about the importance of improving their food consumption to having improved immune system. Therefore, this program can be useful as an alternative to help people reducing the risk of health during pandemic.