Improving Self-Efficacy with Nanogold-Nanosilver and Bodysanitizer for Communities in The Midst of Pandemic Covid-19

  • Najlatun Naqiyah
  • Titik Taufikurohmah
  • Ananto Sidohutomo
Keywords: Nanogold; Nanosilver; bodysanitizer; self-efficacy


and the use of bodysanitizers made from eucalyptus in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical effects, self-efficacy, health protocols and religiosity and spirituality after consuming NGNS moringa capsules and using the bodysanitizer will be the focus of this article. Limited scale test was conducted on 25 people with a variety of illness. Temporary results from interviews and observations indicated that: 1) For cases of diabetes and its wounds, the obtained data shows that the wounds dried up. 2) In the case of a weak body, the result shows that the body come to fresher, fittter and better. 3) In the case of rheumatism, the pain is no longer felt. 4) In the case of coughs and colds, result showed that all were cured. 5) In the case of flu and fever, the body will no longer have a fever and the flu has gone. From result of the limited observation out of 5 cases, implications showed for an increasing self-efficacy. So the conclusion was that by consuming Moringa capsules along with the correct health protocol, the community will be protected from COVID-19 through which self-efficacy increases. Implementing health protocols wearing masks when leaving the house, increasing immunity with moringa capsules, drinking and eating healthy food, keeping the distance, washing hands, reading prayers toward God, feeling grateful, and being happy are the keys to better life in the new normal era in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.