Power Electric Consumption Monitoring Based on IOT

  • Widi Aribowo
  • Supari Muslim
  • Bambang Suprianto
  • Ismet Basuki
  • Subuh Isnur Haryudo
  • Unit Three Kartini


Public awareness of electricity consumption is lacking. The Waste of electricity consumption was often occured. The distance or range that can be accessed by the user to get information is a problem in monitoring. In the research, monitoring was designed based on Arduino Uno using HC-05 modules. This device aims to display information on the results of electrical energy included current, voltage, and power electricity consumption rates in real time through HC-05 communication. The Measurements are using the PZEM-004T sensor module. The Measurement results can be monitored in real-time on the LCD screen and Android. The Output of this device will be evaluated and validated by applying a voltmeter and amperemeter.