Implementation on Al-Quran Memorization Program During Covid -19 Pandemic

  • Emmilia Rusdiana
  • Nurul Hikmah
  • Siti Maizul Habibah
  • Mutimmatul Faidah
  • Gelar Ali Ahmad
Keywords: memorizing Al-Quran; Qur'an memorizers; offline; online, Covid-19 Pandemic


Santri at Islamic boarding school in memorizing Al-Qurán program experienced problems when facing the Covid-19 pandemic.  The main reason is related to murojaah or repetition in the process of maintaining the memorization of Al-Qurán, where previously with a face-to-face process with the ustadzah and changing to being the activity using electronic tools.  The purpose of this study was to identify the differences between the Al-Qurán murojaah method and both the diffenrences and strengths of offline and online related improvements to memorizing Al Qur’an during the COVID 19 pandemic. Qualitative research methods used ethnometodological methods, and descriptive qualitative data analysis.  The results of the research and discussion show that the implementation of santri in memorizing Al Qur’an during the Covid-19 pandemic using offline and online forms of communication has their respective advantages in improving the quality of memorization.  The online method is more advantages than offline communication, about the flexibility of place and time and a variety of learning resources.  The santri is in the process of memorizing Al Qur’an get more optimal results using online communication methods with the requirement that the santri have the stable motivation and can take advantage of advances in technology and information wisely.