Paramedic Assistant Robot for Suporting Necessity of Positive COVID-19 Patient

  • Agung Prijo Budijono
  • Djoko Suwito
  • Muh. Syariffuddien Zuhrie
  • Wahyu Dwi Kurniawan
  • Rachmad Syarifudin
Keywords: covid-19, pasien, tenaga medis, robot


The increasing number of Covid-19 patients in the Surabaya, East Java area has affected the performance of the medical personnel who treat them. The medical personnel tire easily as the patient increases over time. Personal protective equipment is mandatory for medical personnel to use when working. However, it is not only a means of self-protection that is important, but the stamina of medical personnel is also important so that their health remains in prime condition. Apart from personal protective equipment, they also need tools to help treat Covid-19 patients. The concrete form of this tool is a food delivery robot for Covid-19 patients in supporting the patient's logistical needs. The method for designing this robot consists of the process of designing, manufacturing, assembly and testing the robot. This robot is designed to consist of a wireless remote communication unit, a camera / monitor unit, and an electrical unit. This robot is able to maintain a social distance between the medical center and patients and help the process of distributing food to Covid -19 patients who can be monitored with a monitor. The robot can be controlled by a wireless remote control and can be driven by paramedics. The robot is equipped with a camera so that patients and their families can communicate with each other. This robot is capable of maneuvering up to a distance of 50m.