Contact Tracing Model for Positive Covid -19 Patients with Digital and Local Wisdom

  • Muhammad Sholeh
  • Muhammad Farid Ilhamuddin
  • Windasari Windasari
  • Muhammad Jacky
  • Abdul Hafidz
Keywords: coronavirus; contract tracking


Contact Tracing is one of the effective ways to control the spread of COVID-19 by breaking the chain of transmission in a large crowd or community. The aim of this study was to conduct a contact tracing study of positive COVID-19 patients. The method used was in-depth interviews conducted in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. Conducting the face-to-face in-depth interviews could be problematic so that internet technology was alternatively used such as WhatApps. Online Research Methods (ORMs) is a research method to collect data via the internet, namely YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This study found empirical data that users of the PenduliLindung and non-governmental organization (NGO) application claimed that this application was unsafe and vulnerable to be exploited. This made only 6% of residents use the PeduliLindung application. The data showed that Indonesia was 56 of 63 digital divide countries. In fact, PeduliLindung application was effective in tracing only 60% users to access this application.