Writing Javanese Pentigraphs as Self Healing Efforts during the Covid 19 Pandemic in Lidah Wetan Surabaya

  • Yunita Ernawati
  • Sri Sulistiani
  • Bambang Purnomo
  • Sugeng Adipitoyo
  • Octo Dendy Andriyanto
Keywords: component, self healing, pentigraph


The Community Service Program is based on several phenomena including the residents of the tongues of tongues wetan, lakarsantri sub-district, Surabaya City, which is the phonemic area of covid19. Covid19 is the name of one of the deadly SARS viruses, namely corona. This virus has spread in various countries, one of which is Indonesia. The spread of this virus has reached the East Java region. The government has made a policy related to efforts to break the chain of the spread of this virus. Among other things, physical distancing, lockdown to large-scale social restrictions or PSBB.

The policy conditions the distance between one another to carry out activities at home. In addition, the fact that the number of victims infected by covid19 is increasing does not rule out the possibility of fear and high levels of stress in the Tongue Wetan community. The condition is of course very alarming and alarming. Therefore, solving the problem as well as implementing the problem solving needs to be sought immediately. So as to reduce the level of stress and fear of the people.

Based on an analysis of the situation and the problems faced by the problem, it can be formulated; 1) there is a tendency for the level of stress and fear of the tongues of wetan to covid19; 2) self healing has not yet been formed in the tongue wetan community to ward off stress and fear and 3) there is no pentigraph writing training for the Tongue Wetan community.

The method of implementing the activities used as a solution offered to overcome the problem are 1) Providing assistance in writing pentigraf as a self healing effort for the Tongue Wetan community 2) providing maintenance efforts at the food level for the people of the Tongue Wetan groceries.