Defense of Indonesian Language in the Globalization Era in Generation Z and Alpha

  • Vincentius Mauk
  • Anas Ahmadi
  • Maria Mintowati
Keywords: retention, Indonesian language, globalization, generation Z, alpha


We all know that the current globalization is developing rapidly and influencing all aspects of life, including language. To meet the demands of this globalization era, the young generation must have good and correct English language skills. They competed in learning English so that without knowing it Indonesian would be forgotten. The research method used in this research is literature study research. According to Melfianora (2019), literature study is another term used to replace the words literature review, literature study, theoretical study, theoretical basis of literature review and theoretical review. Sahril (2018: 7) argues that language shifting means the replacement of one language by another as the main language in communication and socialization in society. Meanwhile, according to Bramono and Rahman (2012: 4) language retention is the decision to continue to use certain languages collectively in a community or group regarding languages that have been used before. Several factors cause language shifts, one of which is the movement of speech communities to other speech communities. The existence of English can be seen from its use as a mindset in several environments such as education, corporation and media. The use of English for various purposes, if left unchecked, will disrupt the existence of Indonesian, especially in the Z and Alpha generations. Therefore, good cooperation is needed between the government and all Indonesian citizens in   maintaining the preservation of Indonesian in the eyes of the world.